Lilijana Nicholls


Lilijana is an integral part of the Peel Bright Minds team, having been involved as a dedicated volunteer since their establishment in 2017. Her exceptional commitment and contribution eventually led her to assume the role of Program Coordinator. With an unwavering passion for science, Lilijana is a true advocate for learning, sharing knowledge, and inspiring others through Mentoring. Currently pursuing an Accelerated Research Masters and Elevate Scholar, she is researching the interactions between green tea extract and alcohol in relation to liver damage and unexplained deaths.

A strong sense of justice and self-proclaimed science nerdiness led Lilijana to achieve a Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Biology, Toxicology, and Crime Science at an impressive young age. While most teenagers were selecting their ATAR subjects, she was already accepted into university, demonstrating her exceptional academic abilities and dedication.

Lilijana’s vibrant energy and passion for life are evident in her everyday activities. She is deeply committed to making a positive difference within her community, fostering connections, and continuously learning from others. Her community engagement extends to various groups, including the Mandurah Junior Council, Youth on Leadership, and the Mandurah Youth Advisory Group, where she currently holds the position of Vice Chair. In addition, Lilijana has shared her expertise as a TEDx speaker, addressing important topics such as transforming education pathways, embracing uniqueness, and overcoming obstacles.

Recognizing her outstanding contributions, Lilijana was honoured as the Junior Mayor of Mandurah in 2015 and was granted a scholarship to attend the Youth on Leadership program. Participating in annual leadership training camps, she developed invaluable skills in teamwork, leadership, and communication, transcending her comfort zone to enrich her personal growth. Lilijana also played an active role in the Youth on Health Festival (YOH Fest), assuming responsibilities in production management and front-of-house operations.

In July 2019, Lilijana was rightfully recognized as the Peel Young ESTEAM Champion of the Year by Peel Bright Minds, acknowledging her exceptional contributions to the organization and the broader community. Her involvement with the Youth on Leadership Program and the successful coordination of the Youth on Health Festival further solidified her standing as a remarkable youth leader.

Lilijana’s unwavering dedication to science, her community, and her relentless pursuit of knowledge make her an invaluable asset to Peel Bright Minds. With her infectious enthusiasm and commitment to creating a brighter future, she continues to inspire and empower others to reach their full potential.

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