Junior Trail Blazers is our new initiative for Participants aged 10 – 13…


The one-day event will be held at Billy Dower Youth Centre 21st October 2023 between 10am and 3 pm.

Junior Trail Blazers will encompass 5 different activities over 5 hours, interactive learning and just plain fun with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths!  The day will start at 10am, with each activity repeating, so you can do more than one of the activities at different times if you would like!


Activity Profiles:


Engineering: An introduction to robotics and coding featuring a series of engaging competitions and challenges whilst learning to use our Sphero robots as well as a chance to meet our Robotic Dog; Dwert

Maths: The physics and mathematics of butterfly colours

Butterflies can create colours through structure! Learn about butterfly colours, how they are created, and how they can be changed.



Learn about the organs in the human body, what they do and what they are important for. Find out interesting facts about how the human body works in a cool hands-on activity that is heaps of fun!



Explore the fascinating world of genetics by extracting DNA from fruit, understanding its significance as the building blocks of life. Uncover the microscopic secrets of life’s fundamental code – DNA. In this hands-on activity, you will become molecular biologists for a day, as you extract DNA from strawberries and learn about its vital role in all living organisms.



Show off how much you already know about space. Answer quiz questions for fun prizes. Come on an adventure with me to the very edges of our massive universe. See how massive space can really be. Learn new and amazing facts about planets that are not in our solar system. Explore the biggest question humanity faces: are we really alone in this universe?

Join Lilia Bradley for an entertaining workshop that is sure to blow your minds.

(Also – the person with the funniest space related joke will win a prize too!)



Quantum Girls (QG) is a national project that aims to encourage more schoolgirls (and schoolboys) throughout Australia to participate and consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The central aim of QG is to provide our younger generation with an opportunity to learn about ideas in quantum science and quantum computing early on so that they can be best equipped for the quantum technologies that are rapidly emerging.

The Quantum Girls Project provides exciting programs to enrich student and teacher experiences exploring quantum physics and quantum computing. At this workshop the participants will work in pairs (or threes if necessary) to complete activities designed to demonstrate the statistical properties of quantum computers. These activities will allow the participants to gain insight into the kind of outputs we get from quantum computers and how, despite being probabilistic, they can still be useful!

Mentors in Training

Our Mentors in Train will be leaders at this event!








Junior Trail Blazers Program










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