Junior Trail Blazers is our initiative for Participants aged 10 – 13…

The one-day event will be held at Billy Dower Youth Centre 27th April 2024 between 830am and 3 pm.

Junior Trail Blazers will encompass 5 different activities over 5 hours, interactive learning and just plain fun with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths!  The day will start at 830am, with each activity repeating, so you can do more than one of the activities at different times if you would like! (There will be an hour break at 12pm).



Murdoch University


An introduction to robotics and coding featuring a series of engaging competitions and challenges whilst learning to use our Sphero robots as well as a chance to meet our Robotic Dog; Dwert



Butterfly nanostructures under the microscope:

In many butterflies, their striking beauty comes from a physical effect that nanoscience can explain and nanoengineering can use. Rather than chemical pigmentary color, many butterfly colors are caused by a physical effect related to a tiny regular structure at the nanometer scale. These structures are so small that we cannot see them in light microscopy, but they cause the butterfly’s blue or green coloration.

In this activity, you will use a microscope to see the colorful and sparkly scales that give butterfly wings their bright colors, and explore why spraying ethanol at the wings reveals if the color comes from pigments or from nanostructures. Come marvel at the butterflies’ beauty and see some cool nanoscience.


Information Technology:

XR Adventure: Unleash Your Creativity with Unity!

Dive into the realm of Extended Reality (XR) game development with Unity! This workshop invites you to explore the fascinating world of virtual and augmented reality. Learn how to unleash your creativity using Unity, the premier platform for XR game development. From crafting immersive environments to coding interactive elements, discover the power of Unity as you bring your visions to life. Join us and uncover the secrets to creating cutting-edge XR experiences!


Peel Bright Minds – Mentors in Training


Spaghetti Towers – Facilitated by Vihaga

Join us as we explore the fundamental principles of physics in a fun and interactive way. Using only spaghetti and marshmallows, participants will dive into the concepts of balance, structure, and geometry. Experiment with different designs, test the limits of gravity, and push the boundaries of engineering as you strive to build the tallest and most innovative tower possible. This activity isn’t just about building structures—it’s about thinking outside the box, problem-solving on the fly, and embracing the joy of discovery. Whether you’re a seasoned physicist or a curious beginner, this challenge promises excitement and learning. So, gather your friends, roll up your sleeves, and let’s see who can create the ultimate spaghetti and marshmallow masterpiece.


Wildlife Warriors – Facilitated by Lara

Are you interested in wildlife conservation? Protecting our planet for years to come?

Come down to junior Trail Blazers, 2024, and learn all about all the ways you can support our native world through The World Wildlife Warriors, Australia. A project started by none other than Steve Irwin out of Australia zoo.


Come down, on April 27th to come up with your own conservation ideas and how you can become a wildlife warrior.


Space Mythology – Facilitated by Lilia 

Last year, you were taken on an adventure through space, from the sun to the very edges of our universe. Now, take a seat and get ready to explore the vastness of our very own Earth as I take you on a journey through culture. Every constellation has its own story, and I will share them with you in a fun, entertaining manner. Like space, mythology and stories? Well, this workshop is for you.

Yes, quizzes are in the mix for great prizes!

And, as always, I challenge you to think of the best space related joke (for a prize, of course.)


Mentors in Training



My name is Lara (she/her) and I’m from the Peel region, and a Mentor in Training (MIT) for Peel Bright Minds. I started off as a participant on one of the first ever Trail Blazers camp, and loved it so much, I’ve continued to come back as a mentor. I am an Army Cadet Sargent in Mandurah, as well as a volunteer for a local dog rescue shelter where I work with animals a lot! As for study, I have completed my certificate III in health service assistance, and am now doing my acute care course so that I can assist looking after some of the sickest patients in the hospital, I’m on my path to becoming a nurse in the Australian Defence Force. Any questions about alternate pathways to university and different degrees, shoot them my way, as I left high school for TAFE in year 11 and will still go on to university. I also have special interests in Animal science & health, the defence force, the human body and mathematics as I was a methods student.



I’m Vihaga, an outgoing individual, using he/him pronouns. My energy and enthusiasm for life are contagious, and I’m all about pursuing my passions. Music has a special place in my heart – I’m a talented cellist and pianist, play and create beautiful melodies that resonate with my vibrant spirit. When I’m not immersed in music, you can find me hitting the pavement running or even reading a good book. I thrive on connecting with people and spreading positivity wherever I go. I believe that medicine is my calling, and I’m determined to heal and make a difference in the lives of others and in the field through research. In a nutshell, I’m an energetic and enthusiastic soul, ready to take on life’s adventures with a smile. Whether it’s mastering the keys of a piano, training for half marathons, or simply appreciating the small things in life, I’m here to make every moment count.



Hi, I’m James. I love science and engineering. I am a very curious person and most things intrigue me. I am currently year 11 at Coastal Lakes College, studying: ATAR physics, engineering, chemistry, methods, English, and general home ec. I like to play darts and explore. In my spare time, I research and hangout with friends. I want to be a fast jet pilot in the RAAF with and officer entry degree in Aeronautical engineering.


Junior Trail Blazers – October 2023







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